West Midlands results are in

The local elections were difficult to say the least for the Conservatives, but in the West Midlands the party fared much better than elsewhere. Whereas in other regions, the party lost seats hand over fist, in the West Midlands the Conservatives successfully managed to win a majority on Walsall Council. This was a feat that their leader, Cllr Mike Bird said was “despite” the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Dudley Council was the scene of a fierce two-way duel between the Conservatives and Labour, the latter having taken control of the council in September last year after losing it to the Conservatives in 2017. On 16th May there will be a deciding vote to decide the administration after the parties were tied at last week’s election.

In Sandwell, Labour went into the election with a healthy 70 out of 72 councillors and won all of the 24 seats up. Nearby in Solihull, the Conservatives had a somewhat restless night but squeaked home with their majority still in place, though it has been cut to just one member, leaving them at the mercy of a potential defection further down the road.

In Bromsgrove, the Conservatives retained control of Bromsgrove District Council. By a curious quirk of fate, the party lost four seats but won four elsewhere on the council, ensuring they possessed 17 councillors before and after the election. What can be seen is that Labour failed to win new seats but consolidated in their strongholds, while the Liberal Democrat and Green surge that happened elsewhere in the country did not materialise as such in the West Midlands. The Conservatives will certainly be breathing a sigh of relief at not having faced the kind of anger that voters directed at them in other regions.

Matthew Roberts - Account Executive