South Oxfordshire District Council to Vote on New Local Plan

Following dissatisfaction with South Oxfordshire District Council’s Local Plan, the authority has revised the Plan and is set to approve changes to it this week. The old Plan had been developed by the Conservatives, who lost control after May’s local elections to the Liberal Democrats and Greens.

At its meeting on 10th July, the Cabinet agreed to these changes, which will be put to the full council on the 18th:

  • Express its determination to maintain its housing land supply and avoid speculative housing development,

  • Express its continued support for the Housing and Infrastructure Fund (HIF) funding and the proposed infrastructure projects that will be delivered by it,

  • Explore options for protecting the HIF funding with Oxfordshire County Council, MHCLG and Homes England whilst addressing concerns about the current,emerging Local Plan 2034,

  • Do all that it can to respond to the Climate Emergency through the Local Plan process,

  • Agree that as soon as practicable, alongside satisfactory progress being made on resolving issues in the emerging Local Plan, work on a subsequent Local Plan shall commence, strengthening climate change considerations.

MPC will continue to watch SODC’s new administration closely.

Joe Wright - Account Executive