Our business is our people

Like most companies we run a standard bonus system based on monetary achievements.

Unlike most companies, alongside this we run a system wherein anyone in the team can nominate each other for; teamwork, innovation, social good and more.


This has two benefits. Firstly, it runs alongside our values, which we uphold to support our talent, to celebrate our success and to continue to work responsibly. We believe that encouragement and reward are key to growing our business, retaining our strong teams and attracting like-minded people in to our fold. Secondly, giving our employees the chance to nominate each other brings an amazing atmosphere unlike anywhere I have worked before. This then leads to a sharing of best practice and bringing our teams more closely knitted together.

We show our social responsibility as a corporation by rewarding our teams for helping their wider community and charity work. One of our team was recently awarded a bonus point for taking the time out to help a woman in his community who without him finds it hard to do weekly shopping and simple tasks. She’s very elderly, lives on her own and has no family or friends and our team member is currently spending his time and money helping her with some things she’s not been capable of fixing on her own. He’s fixed her TV, her radio and has recently noticed many of the light bulbs in her home need replacing, so he went off to the supermarket in his lunch break to buy her some replacements which he went and fitted with her.

In a different office, an account executive nominated their line manager on a busy day when they were working overtime to prepare our election reports back in May. The manager had bought the entire team breakfast and guided the team through what could have been a difficult day.

This non-linear feedback system is such a great way of working and the benefits, though difficult to measure, do bring job satisfaction.

Twice a year we tally up the points, send out letters detailing how they’ve done with a general pat on the back. A month later the money lands in our accounts ready and awaiting to be spent frivolously, or in my case, using it to pay off an old and bothersome credit card which has been dragging me into despair for years. (This is 30).

If you would like to work with us, please check our careers page here. We also offer speculative applications.

Mary Cleaver - Marketing and Admin assistant