Mental health at MPC


On Tuesday this week we attended our quarterly company meeting. We met some of our new team members from our expanding offices, chatted about the successes of 2019 and we received our first ever mental health training session.

Poor mental health costs employers up to £42 billion a year and in 2018 statistics suggested that one in four people in the UK reported experiencing a mental health problem.

Mental health issues have directly affected me and my loved ones over the last decade and this is an issue close to my heart (and my head).

The stigma behind mental health is ever retreating and people are finally finding a platform to be able to discuss mental health problems they are facing. Social media, as well as the general media, has become an unlikely blessing for mental health sufferers. Celebrities coming forward with their struggles with depression - Jim Carey, Kristen Bell, Johnny Depp to name a few, are mobilising a whole new generation of people to spring up and realise that it’s OK to talk about mental health. People struggling with mental health are finding they have the right vocabulary to be able to discuss what is going on.

Trying to find an appropriate stock image for this blog, mental health brought up 112,234 results in all. (I should write more on this topic, there are some absolute stunners in that category).

We’ve created our mental health and wellbeing policy, a policy which holds four keys goals for us at MPC to abide by.

Goal three resonates with me more than the others. Our third goal is to reduce stigma around depression and anxiety in the workplace.

We will be identifying mental health champions across our five offices who will lead wellness initiatives such as walking meetings, team lunches and more fresh fruit in the office. These champions will uphold our charter, but more importantly be known to the rest of the company that they are there on the other end of the phone to talk to.

What we gained from our training is that everyone is susceptible to mental health problems and we all exist on a mental health continuum. Factors such as lack of support, loneliness, stress and a lack of meaningful activity can all have sizeable impacts on the risk to our mental health.

Enabling our team to know they have someone to talk to if they ever need it, making management aware of factors in the workplace that can cause undue stress which may lead to more serious problems and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is incredibly important to us at MPC, and always will be.

Mary Cleaver - Marketing and Admin Assistant