Gracie joins the MPC team!


Grace Davies-Redmond here, reporting on my first week at MPC, in the Bristol office.

I have lived in Bradford on Avon for the last 9 years, going to school and working in local restaurants. Hospitality has been great, the industry has taught me so many transferable skills. But after leaving my previous marketing job to do a CIM qualification in Professional Marketing, it was time to take the plunge back into the 9-5 world.

I can officially call myself a real adult…right?

Bristol has a special place in my heart and coming from a smaller town I was excited about the buzz of working in a bigger city, I was not disappointed. The minute I stepped off the train I was met by the ‘Extinction Rebellion’, a climate change and activist group performing a peaceful protest, blocking the roads and causing traffic mayhem. The pressure group have been in and around Bristol all week, performing demonstrations, attracting attention and even camping overnight in local parks, one being right outside our office. Now; most people, no matter how much they agree with what Extinction Rebellion stand for, have found the delays to public transport and the excessive noise slightly inconvenient…but not me! I have enjoyed nothing more than fighting my way through the crowd every day and being handed leaflets left right and centre. I am officially in a city and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Starting any new job is always nerve racking. The classic questions went through my head on Sunday evening:

  • What do I wear?

  • How early is too early?

  • Are these hoops not professional enough?

But in all seriousness, I was nervous. Not having worked in the property industry before was the thing that worried me the most. An hour in and my nerves had been put to bed. Everyone has been nothing but welcoming and super helpful. I was greeted by Mary Cleaver, my line manager, who made me feel right at ease. My training plan was set out and I quickly realised I had nothing to worry about. The team seem to be just as excited to get me involved as I am to be here, which has been really lovely.

Other than a small ‘coffee & white shirt’ incident on the train to my first day, all has gone well.

The thing that stands out most to me about MPC is the attitude towards their employees and the workplace. On arrival I was given a welcome gift, a copy of ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg. Being a proud feminist and a keen new supporter of the Gender Champions campaign, I thought it was so great being given a book about being a working woman on my first day.

When I was doing research into MPC before taking the job, I watched a video of Anna, our CEO, talk about the company. She said:

“A personal ambition of mine is to increase the diversity the across the workplace in terms of gender, sexuality, race and physical abilities. It is really important that at MPC we reflect the communities that we work within.”

I was sold, count me in. I thought “that sounds like a company I want to be a part of.”

Less than a month later, here I am. Sat at my desk, with my glittery polaroid frame and my personalised mug. Learning and soaking up the knowledge from a team of experts. I feel proud to be here and I am excited to bring my marketing flair to MPC in any way that I can.

Grace Davies-Redmond - Marketing Intern.