Gender diversity is for life, not just for Women's Day

I’ve noticed on Twitter recently a lot of women rightly calling out the growing number of firms who jump on the International Women’s Day bandwagon on 8th March to make themselves look good but don’t necessarily do anything that supports women in the workplace for the remaining 364 days of the year.  So I thought I’d just highlight a few of my favourite facts about MPC to show that we walk the walk when it comes to gender diversity:

  • We have a female CEO (me) and a female MD (Nikki Davies) and we make up half of the shareholders

  • MPC has a negative gender pay gap

  • Last year MPC launched their Gender Champions campaign, to find 100 men in the property industry who would agree to help us improve gender diversity in the organisations they work in and at the events they attend, and we are taking our campaign to MIPIM next week

  • We have a flexible working policy that allows staff to work hours which fit around their families, and we encourage applications from people (usually women) returning to the workplace after time off to have children; all the staff at MPC who are parents work flexibly in some way, either via their hours or working from home.

  • This year MPC’s chosen charity is Beauty Banks, which fights hygiene poverty (a particular problem for women) in the UK

  • We have never hosted a panel event which doesn’t include a woman, and for the last eight years have hosted a Women in Planning in Politics event (which was the genesis of the Gender Champions Campaign)

The property industry is still extremely homogenous in many ways, and while there are many great initiatives to encourage women, what matters is what happens in the workplace; how women are recruited, remunerated and encouraged in their roles.  At MPC we have always taken this seriously and strive to do more each year.  If you aren’t sure how to help support International Women’s Day, then maybe have a think about your organisation and what more could be done to support gender diversity – whether it’s making sure women are on every shortlist for jobs or rethinking whether yet another golf day is the best way to network.  We can all do our bit, and at MPC we are proud to be doing ours.

Anna Sabine-Newlyn -CEO