New Account Executive Emily on being a working mum at MPC

I left Cardiff University in 2011, after studying for a degree in Sociology and Social Policy and graduating with a 2.1. Fast forward to 2019 and having started MPC last week, I am finally starting my first professional job; my first actual relevant-to-my-degree job. The over-saturation of the job market by graduates is real, people. The solution at the time seemed to be to become more qualified and do a post-graduate degree in Social Research.

That, coupled with work experience with the Liberal Democrats, felt like a recipe for success. Then Bam! Surprise pregnancy; best thing ever, but definite career game-changer. Suddenly I was not just reading about work-life balance and women “having it all,” I was living it. And cliché alert: finding work that allowed me to use my degree, follow my passions and be with my kids was now even more difficult.

So eight years later, what have I learned: that just having a degree is not enough, that gaining experience is essential (in some cases it is everything), and that as a mother of two young children, it is STILL, even in 2019, really hard to find work that helps you to have some kind of balance.

That’s what is so great about MPC; when I met Anna our Chief Exec and Andy, MPC’s Western office Director, for a coffee to discuss my speculative application and when I sat down with Mary at my induction, it felt like I’d finally landed somewhere where work-life balance is actually valued, not just a meaningless phrase bandied about to earn kudos and look progressive.

I’ve only been here a week, but I am already set up to work at home, already feel trusted to work effectively and already feeling part of a really great team. In turn, I feel more creative, I’m constantly on the lookout for more opportunities to progress and for the first time since leaving university, excited about developing a career within MPC.

Emily Berridge - Account Executive