MPC supports smooth progress for 650 new homes in Cringleford with BDW

MPC worked to support the smooth progress of reserved matters proposals for 650 new homes in Cringleford, South Norfolk. The site benefited from outline consent for new homes, land for a new primary school and facilities including a new community orchard and allotments.

MPC worked to ensure that local residents were effectively consulted as the application progressed. This was particularly challenging given the level of consultation fatigue in the area, arising from the large number of development proposals in the area. MPC created and maintained a project website, in addition to running a successful consultation event in the village.

In addition to public consultation activity, MPC was instructed by the client of their desire to have the planning application determined under delegated powers, rather than by the Development Management Committee. For this to be possible, all of the local ward members and the parish council, would have to register no objection to the application. MPC advised on and undertook extensive engagement with stakeholders, addressing their concerns and understanding which benefits were important to them. Following detailed discussions and the establishment of trustworthy relationships between promoter and stakeholders, no objections to the application were received from local representatives. The application was granted under delegated powers in February 2019.

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