Building For Our Future?

Another day, another catastrophic blow for the government, for the speaker of the house, for parliament, for democracy and all who believe in it! The vicissitudes of parliamentary shenanigans are ensuring that headlines and attention are firmly ensconced in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the intricate workings of parliamentary conventions.

Yet whilst many of us are consumed by Brexit negotiations and next week’s vote on the government’s deal, longstanding and deep-rooted issues remain unaddressed, with both the executive and the legislature otherwise engaged.

This week, Shelter published its report, “Building for our future: A vision for social housing”. According to this report “from the Second World War up to 1980, we were building an average of around 126,000 social homes every year. Last year, there were only 6,463 new social homes.” The report makes a number of recommendations that ought to be implemented to address our perennial housing crisis. These measures include delivering enough social housing over the next 20 years for the 3.1 million households who will be failed by the market, providing both security for those in need, but also a step up for young families trying to get on and save for their future.

Any government of any colour will react robustly to a strong enough stimulus, but whilst the corridors of power and the arbiters of our headlines are all-consumed by the impending constitutional upheaval, it is unlikely that any of these provisions will be implemented as quickly as is necessary to help those who need them most.

Gerard Cockburn - Account Manager