2019 Local election spotlight: Basildon

Basildon is well known as one of the top bellwether areas to watch on election night and this year’s local election night will be no exception.

The Council is finely balanced between 23 Conservative and 19 opposition councillors, meaning a swing of just three seats would usher in a new Labour-led administration. The result of last month’s Vange by-election, where Labour clung on to its traditional seat by 26 votes despite a very strong Conservative challenge, underlines how close the political race is in the borough.

The two make or break Labour-Conservative marginals that will decide the future control of the Council are Laindon Park and Pitsea South East, where the Conservatives are defending both seats. Elsewhere, The Wickford Independents are hopeful of bouncing back in Wickford Park and in Vange the Conservatives are on the offensive in the hope one more push will see them win in an area that hasn’t elected a Conservative councillor since 2007.

Voter apathy in a town that overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union indicates that each party’s “Get Out The Vote” operation on polling day could be the deciding factor in determining an election outcome that is too close to call.

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