New campaign to get Bristol homes built

A new campaign for more housing in the Bristol region –Bristol YIMBY – is launching this month. Their aim is to help solve Bristol’s housing crisis by giving those that welcome new homes a voice in the planning process. We’re really happy to get behind the campaign and encourage other YIMBYs to get involved. If you’re not sure what a YIMBY is, read on.

What is a YIMBY?

YIMBY stands for 'Yes In My Back Yard', the opposite of NIMBY – 'Not In My Back Yard'. We believe that the NIMBY movement currently has disproportionate influence over planning decisions, and we want to give YIMBYs more of a voice in the political debate over where new homes and infrastructure should go.

What is Bristol YIMBY?

Bristol YIMBY is a campaign to get more new homes built in Bristol. We want everyone in Bristol to have a decent home, regardless of their circumstances. That involves building more homes than we currently do, alongside development that supports new homes, like retail, employment and transport infrastructure.

Why are we here?

Bristol is experiencing a housing affordability crisis, like many other UK towns and cities, with house price inflation currently outstripping London. We believe that we need new homes of all values and tenures to help solve this crisis and have established this grassroots movement to help achieve that.

What do we do?

When proposals for new homes (and infrastructure that supports new homes) emerge, we will contact our members to provide guidance on ways that they can show their support. Our aim is to provide the tools for YIMBYs to have a voice in the planning process, rather than directly influence things ourselves.

How can I get involved?

We're building an interactive YIMBY map of Bristol, to demonstrate support for new homes from people living in neighbourhoods across the city. To find out where fellow YIMBYs live, why they support new homes in their neighbourhood and to get involved, Bristol’s citizens can visit to join the campaign and follow @BristolYIMBY on Twitter.

John Myers, founder of London YIMBY says “I'm delighted to see Bristol join the roaring success of the YIMBY movement across the UK and around the world. We need to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality housing, and a vital part of that is building more well-designed homes of the right kinds in the right places.”

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