The importance of branding in the planning world

At MPC we understand the value of impactful branding and we do our best to ensure we’re always up to date with the newest trends in branding design. With more than 10 years in the market we thought it was time for our own branding to go through some updating and after months of research and hard work, we’re pleased to launch our new look into the world.


Our new branding is simpler, bolder, more contemporary and much more connected to the world we live in today.

And as we’re speaking of branding, we would like to emphasize how much a well-designed project branding can help when it comes to planning applications. Planning applications for developments with a strong visual identity are much more likely to get approval* from the council due to its powerful impact. A well-designed brand, as well as a strong set of brand guidelines can improve every aspect of a development’s communication,  from website, brochures and collaterals, to sales and marketing efforts. It’s a powerful tool to help stabilise and set the tone for the entire development, not just the application itself.

The benefits don’t stop there, a powerful brand can also help your development connect with its target audience, encouraging supporters to raise their voices and support* the scheme.

At MPC we have produced some great examples of branding for a varied portfolio of schemes and we are very capable of helping with yours too. You can visit our portfolio by clicking here.

*based on our own experience.

This article was written by Ricardo Martins, former Graphic Designer at MPC.

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