Managing infrastructure issues whilst delivering a health centre


MPC was hired to promote the development of a disused office block to accommodate a new health centre. This scheme saw three existing small surgeries closing and consolidating their services in a new state-of-the-art facility.  MPC were tasked with increasing levels of support amongst local councillors and residents who had raised concerns about potentially increased journey times for patients and the effect of an increase in traffic at the new facility on neighbouring businesses.


MPC designed a campaign in response to local concerns. Through the clarification of user-friendly travel routes for patients and additional proposals for a dial-a-ride service, the campaign illustrated how concerns over increased journey times were unfounded. In order to highlight the positive impacts of increased passing trade on local business, MPC directly engaged with local traders and establishments to explain the potential impacts of the proposals on increasing local profitablity.   


Following MPC's engagement with crucial stakeholder groups, more than thirty written messages of support were submitted to the council officer. MPC Creative produced a tailor-made briefing that was distributed to the planning committee ahead of the committee date, emphasising the level of support that had been shown.

The scheme was approved at committee.

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