ECFC: Tapping into the club’s fan base to demonstrate support for development


 There were a number of competing bodies whose interests and concerns needed to be considered when devising a strategy of engagement for this project. MPC was appointed to motivate further support for development plans and assist the Club in navigating a complex stakeholder environment.


MPC employed a combination of traditional consultation methods and innovative supporter motivation techniques which targeted the Club’s large and diverse stakeholder group. This included launching proposals with separate tailored briefings to each stakeholder group simultaneously in order avoid alienating any one group, establishing positive relationships with local journalists and institutions, delivering a series of well-attended public events and establishing active social media presence and purpose-built consultation website.

Emotive appeals were also made to the Club’s supporters, through targeted email campaigns and the distribution of approximately 10,000 supporter postcards at Club events and match days. Similar supporter postcards were also issued to 300 local businesses and requests for support were issued 1,000 of the Club’s suppliers, all of whom also had an interest in the Club’s success.


The application was granted planning consent. 1,750 representations of support were received, outnumbering objections by more than ten to one. 

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