Carefully targeted political liaison to achieve consensus on infrastructure delivery mechanism


The redevelopment of the site with a housing-led scheme had broad political support from the local authority. However, a number of contentious issues were still to be determined throughout the planning process and MPC was appointed to manage these issues. 


MPC conducted extensive community, political and stakeholder engagement in order to understand and manage the wide range of aspirations for the site, including the delivery of a new primary school.

In order to deliver these aspirations without compromising the development potential of the site, MPC entered into in-depth discussions with members and officers of the Bath and North East Somerset Council.


Detailed discussions between MPC and the Council Leader sparked internal discussion between council members regarding the delivery of the primary school. These talks resulted in the establishment of a delivery mechanism and the agreement of Section 106 funding.

The developer consortium is now on-site and construction of the new homes and primary school is expected to be complete by mid-2018.

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