Mixed use development including over 200 homes on Fish Island

MPC was appointed by L&Q to undertake community consultation for their proposed Bream Street development.   Consultation events were held in November 2014 and March 2015.


MPC approached the consultation with the aim of becoming a part of the local community and successfully reflected the unique attributes of the proposed development throughout this process.   Everything, from the consultation event branding, to the mailing materials, sought to reflect the nature of the neighbourhood and helped to engage people in a better way than more traditional consultation.


The first local consultation event focused on a handful of topics picked to allow maximum input into parts of the scheme where residents could have a greater say. The feedback was critical in steering elements such as community facilities and open space. Our approach built a great deal of community good-will and this turned into support at the planning stage, with supportive comments made at the second event and positive reactions about the engagement from politicians and planners.

MPC were latterly engaged to make contact with local stakeholders and to take soundings from the political members of the committee in the run up to the committee meeting. 


MPC were able to advise L&Q on a number of key messages that they needed to emphasise in order to ensure support at the committee. This application was granted consent at committee in February 2016. 

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