Focusing on key messages

A national supermarket retailer proposed to develop a functioning livestock market site in North Devon, which would enable the local authority to build a state-of-the-art new livestock ‘agribusiness centre’ on another site.

In this area, which depended almost solely on the agricultural economy to survive, it was important to tap into the natural level of support for new agricultural facilities.

Our key focus at an early stage was to build relationships with the team behind the agribusiness proposals and to encourage joint working to achieve a shared outcome. It was only after this important step that we were able to deliver a joint public exhibition where both sets of proposals were presented to the public and to local politicians.

Meeting Place Communications coordinated a range of visual materials for the programme of community engagement, through a co-operation between the agribusiness team and our own in-house graphic department. A particular focus of this material was our client’s use of local produce and the company’s product sourcing policy from the South West, which represented an additional asset in the task of encouraging support from the local agribusiness community.

MPC also engaged directly with those users of the current livestock market that would be naturally supportive of modern facilities in order to attract additional support.

This extensive programme of activities culminated in a unanimous planning committee approval.

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