Recruiting the support of the business community

Trowbridge: Recruiting the support of the business community.

Meeting Place Communications (MPC) conducted a successful planning promotion on behalf of a prominent national insurer. These plans involved a landmark development of a new cinema, chain hotel and associated restaurant/cafe units in Trowbridge.

However a similar rival scheme was soon launched in the town which could have risked the future viability the original proposals. As a result, MPC was instructed by the client to devise and carry out activities that would preserve the economic fortunes of the original scheme.

MPC then spent time identifying the key local stakeholder groups that could support this aim. The local residential and business community emerged as the group with an interest in resisting the proposals for a rival scheme.

MPC led a programme of activities designed to encourage support for the original proposals and to help the local community to understand the commercial risk of two schemes being consented. This included working with those local traders who stood to benefit from the extra footfall from our client’s scheme in order to set up a campaign against the rival proposals.

This campaign involved face-to-face contact with a number of local businesses, careful media relations through the local newspaper and local radio and facilitating the graphic design and production of a number of printed materials, including full size perimeter hoardings for the site.

MPC’s careful approach led to the rival scheme being rejected at committee, following overwhelming support for our client’s proposals from local residents and the local business community in particular.


Image source: Cinema Treasures