A boost for small-scale renewables in Wales

Welsh Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant has announced that financial assistance will be available to allow small and medium sized business along with social enterprises to invest in renewable energy schemes. The new project, which will include a range of partners including the Energy Saving Trust, aims to allow these enterprises to cut through the costs associated with the legal, technical and administrative advice which is required.

This comes at a time when Labour is seeking to demonstrate a more pro-renewable energy position compared to a Conservative Party which has gone cold first on wind power and then large-scale solar and now potentially the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

Certainly the Welsh Government proposal will be welcomed by environmental groups and the potential beneficiaries alike, but it will also allow the Labour Party in Wales to cite support for renewables during the Assembly election campaign while a question mark hangs over the UK Government's commitment to the future of the Lagoon.