Shelter research

Our powerful research with Shelter has lifted the lid on the nation’s attitude to house building across the country, uncovering and identifying the much discussed ‘silent majority’. Following an extensive nationwide survey, MPC can exclusively use this data to get a deeper understanding of communities and how to engage them better. From understanding the level of support and opposition to housebuilding in a community to what motivates them.

We have overlaid thousands of survey responses onto ACORN’s postcode level data to reveal the housing aspirations and attitudes of every community across the country. We can now understand which areas are most likely to support or oppose development, understand their reasons for support, likely issues for objection and what assurances would help them support new development. This information can help us build a better consultation. By motivating support and ensuring their voices are heard we can add balance to the debate and inform local decision-making.

Download Shelter report 2017 here