Press & media

MPC understands that positive first impressions are essential to the success of new developments. Working quickly to build awareness, mobilise support and establish effective media management schemes allows us to ensure the effective implementation of communication campaigns to achieve positive planning outcomes.


MPC encourages our clients to be as open as possible about their plans and to keep the local community informed at all times; the local media is a great way to do this. Our approach to media relations is to avoid an information vacuum by contacting local news outlets as early as possible to establish a friendly and reliable contact point, ensuring that information shared in the media is always accurate and up to date. We also regularly monitor local media outlets as well as social media groups and trending topics, to ensure that we are kept well-informed about local activity. This ensures that we can respond and comment promptly where necessary, and can assuage any fears early on.


Historically developers have been reluctant to move the consultation process onto social channels through fear of losing control. But the benefits easily outweigh any risk.

We create and manage social media campaigns for use in the consultation process that help to find and mobilise supporters, disseminate accurate information, dispel any rumours and raise awareness. These campaigns can also be used to collect demographic data about supporters and opponents.