Sereena Davey

Associate Director, Chelmsford

Sereena Davey is a public affairs professional with over 15 years’ experience helping organisations influence local and central government. Her 13 years as a Westminster lobbyist included working in Parliament; for a global IT firm securing government contracts; and for the NSPCC helping them influence legislation.

Since 2014, Sereena has been using her expertise to engage communities and political stakeholders to help secure support for residential and commercial projects across the East of England and East Midlands.


Highlight at MPC? Securing 89% public support for a major commercial scheme.

Did you know? A former hockey player turned running and yoga enthusiast, Sereena has twice completed the (alleged) world’s biggest obstacle race at Bughley House – aka ‘Rat Race’ — which officially makes her a “dirty mucker”.